Privacy Policy

-Record Owner is a company that celebrates the uniqueness and great abilities of everyone and provides them an opportunity to inspire the world with their greatness by setting a world record.

-We are an unbiased and fair organization that credibly does their duty of acknowledging talent all around the globe and provides a platform that is free and accessible to all.

-While we aim to be a global platform and have our services accessible to everyone around this world, Record Owner does not take your privacy and data shared for granted and ensures a safe and trustworthy experience for you.

-We maintain a large database of our multiple user applications and record holders and have the general information of the details you enter (your name, contact details, address etc.) when you sign up with our website and/or when you submit an application.

-We do not ask for information which we do not find necessary for your experience with us. So if the data which is requested from our website is not provided, you may not be allowed to use our services.

-We may use your data for the purposes like: maintaining the accuracy of our database, to enhance our services and your experience with us, for marketing and demographic studies, to comply with applicable laws and to protect the rights and safety of Record Owner and its users. If in any event we have to use your data for a purpose not mentioned above, we will make sure that we have your consent.

-Your shared data stays within the boundaries of Record Owner and our team except in an event where disclosure is required or permitted by the law, or where you have given consent for it to be shared with a third party.

-The users of Record Owner agree to our privacy policy.

-If you have any questions or issues regarding our policy, you can reach out to us at .