The immense talent we witness on Record Owner day in and day out only goes to show that our world has so much more to offer than we could possibly grasp.  So to make that a little easier for everyone and to honour our great record holders, we bring to you the Record Owner Book.

Record Owner Book is an annual chronicle of the amazing talents that held the eminence, enough for owning a world record. The book consists of records set in every category and type and focuses on abilities that surprised us the most. It contains trivia of our current record holders and their inspiring achievements.

This book is a step from us in the acknowledgement of the people who graced our platform with their sheer incredibility. So do not wait and send us your attempts at a world record and you could be one of our ‘Officially Incredible’ people featured in the book.

Our first edition would be available really soon on our store for everyone to purchase. We will update it on our website so you can get your copy as early as possible.