About Recordowner



At Record Owner, we believe that everyone in this world has uniqueness to them and if you decide to embrace it with heart, anything is achievable. 

Our platform celebrates your amazing talent and courage that you can share with the whole world and inspire many to give their extraordinary abilities a chance.


Our Aim

We want you to grab the unlimited opportunities that your capabilities have in store for you. We cheer & motivate everyone to acknowledge their uniqueness and unmatched abilities by creating a world record with Record Owner whether you are an individual, school, college, business, event or community.


Our Vision

To honour your abilities and make you the ‘Officially Incredible’.


Our Mission

We strive to be ‘the value based media for world in creating records’.

Carrying out research, identifying best performers, maintaining records database, development of new methods to enlighten, enrich & entertain people. We, at Record Owner, are committed to bring the honest opinion, social change and justice to the services.


Our Values

Truthfulness: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. 

Openness: We welcome new record breaking ideas and opinions, especially if they challenge our beliefs.

A Will to Win: We exhibit a strong will to win. Record Owner inspires people to overcome their challenges. 

Respect for People: We value our records participants, collaborator & people & encourage their development.

Teamwork: We work together, across boundaries to help people in setting new milestone in world records. 

Believe it’s Possible: We create a lasting and positive impact. We believe that if people work hard with determination, anything is possible; even a world record. 

Equality: We respect and value people of all backgrounds. Together, we can create a more equal and fair workplace in the world.