Follow these simple steps:

-Login/ Signup to our website.

-Click on ‘Set a Record’ option on our homepage.

-Fill out the application.

-Attach the Google drive link of your video attempting a record.

-Set the rules if someone wants to break it

-Click on ‘Submit the Application’ after filling all the details.

And there you have it. By applying at Record Owner, you allow us to acknowledge your talents and make you the ‘Officially Incredible’ absolutely free of cost.

Note: The free application is not applicable to business and brand promotions.

Record Owner has an excellent team of people who review and analyze your submission of an attempt at a record thoroughly to provide a fair and accurate result. The response time is 72 hours maximum.

You can check the status of your application by clicking on ‘Your Applications and Status’ in ‘My Account’.

If you are a Business or Event, you can invite a Jury member from Record Owner who will instantly provide you with the result of your attempt at a world record.

If you successfully set or break a record with Record Owner, your achievement is highlighted on our website and people all around the world would know about how incredible your abilities are.

You will inspire many to give their abilities a chance and attempt to set a record and even challenge yours.  You can also try out other challenges to find out how much more capable you are.

Record Owner strives to be a free and accessible to everyone platform where we honour your incredible talents and provide you the recognition you deserve. We highlight your achievement for the world to see and inspire them to embrace their talents.

Since there are countless people in our world with astonishing and unmatchable talents, it would not be feasible for us to give prizes to everyone.

The certificate is not included with our free application. However if one successfully sets or breaks a record, they can purchase a certificate from the Record Owner store and we will deliver it to them as soon as possible.

Click on ‘Store’ in ‘My Account’ and select ‘Certificate’ from the list of items to make the purchase.

There is no limitation to the talent one may possess and Record Owner honours those unique abilities of yours. You can set or break a record in as many categories or types you like. We welcome every form of talent one may hold and provide them the platform to shine.

Being a world record holder not only provides your abilities the recognition they deserve, but also makes you strive for the best you are capable of. When you decide to embrace your uniqueness and talents, you inspire many to do the same and reach for the greatness they can achieve.

Record Owner provides you a platform where you can share your amazing talents and witness other people do the same in as many fields as you can think of without spending a penny.

To read more on ‘Who can set a record?’ and ‘How it benefits you?’, go and click on ‘Solutions’ on our homepage and select the type of record you are interested in.

If you are having trouble with an idea for a record, you can find some suggestions in your category of choice by visiting our Record Ideas page. Just Click here or go to the footer of our website and click on ‘Record Ideas’.

You can also find out with us the capabilities you may have by trying out our Exciting Challenges. Just click on ‘Challenges’ on our homepage and select a challenge of your preference.

You can also explore our various categories of records to get a better idea of the great talents that people share on our platform and what more is out there. Click on ‘Explore Records’ on our homepage and select the category of your field.

If you are a business or organization, you can also reach out to us for an idea and Record Owner will help you with conceptualizing and managing your attempt so that you can set or break a record and standout. Go to the ‘Contact’ option at the footer of our website and contact us via email or call.

If you want to invite a Jury member from Record Owner to your record attempt, reach out to us via email or call and we will help you with everything you need. Go and click the ‘Contact’ option at the bottom of our homepage and you will find all the details.