Welcome to RECORD OWNER, a platform that acknowledges your extraordinary and amazing talents by providing you the title of ‘Officially Incredible’ world record holder absolutely free of cost. 

-If you believe in your abilities, all you have to do is sign up with our website, fill in a form with the necessary information about your record attempt, add the Google Drive link for your attempt video with all evidence of its legitimacy and submit.

-The team at Record Owner ensures that you get a fair and early result for your submission. Our average response time is 72 hours. You can even invite a Jury Member from our team to get the instant result for your attempt at a world record.

-If you are struggling to find an idea for a record, you can go to our Ideas page for some recommendations. Record Owner also has a section of exciting Contests that you can try your hand on and set a goal for others to beat. If you are a business/organization, you can contact us and Record Owner will help you with an idea and the conceptualization of it so you can stand out among others.

-Check out our 'Categories' and find out what other record holders have to offer in various fields with their capabilities.

-You can also check out our Solutions page for a better understanding of world records and its benefits according to your field and entity.