Incredible Filmmaker of India | MANISHA GUPTA | New Delhi, India. With an educational background in Science, Math & Computers, Manisha is a Writer, Poet, Artist, Training Professional, Software Professional, and an IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Professional (18 yrs experience) who became an Accidental Screenwriter and Filmmaker 5 years ago, Animator 2 yrs ago, and a lyricist recently. A self-taught Screenwriter, written 10 short screenplays which have WON 129 Accolades (including 31 Awards) and as an Amateur filmmaker, written & directed 34 short films (including 6 Animation) of which 25 films have WON 131 Accolades (including 19 Awards). Recent debut lyrics of a song on Mental Health & COVID has already won 4 Accolades (including 1 AWARD), all in the US. Officially Incredible!!!

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