INCREDIBLE RESEARCHER OF INDIA | DR. KUMAM PRAPHULLO SINGH | Assistant Professor, Statistics | Deptt. of Statistics | Thambal Marik College | Oinam, Manipur. Dr. Kumam Praphullo Singh has completed MSc Statistics at Meerut University (1987- 88), Ph. D. Statistics (2007 - 2009) from Manipur University, and D. Sc. (2020) from ISRA. He was already awarded International Scientist Awards for best researcher award “International Scientist awards 2020 on Engineering, Science and Medicine” and Global Eminent Academician Award: “For outstanding service in teaching, Thirunindravur, T.N. in 2021. He published 3 Textbooks and Reference books for M.Sc. and PhD under international publications (Rajesh Publications). Further, he completed U.G.C sponsored 1 major and 2 minor research projects and the report was submitted accordingly. And he completed another major research project from ICSSR New Delhi. He is also a consultant in more than 20 other research projects. He has been attending more than 50 different Internationals and national conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums & many national and international webinar. Officially Incredible!!!

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