INCREDIBLE SCIENTIST OF INDIA | DR. AJAY KUMAR SINGH | Principal Scientist & Head, Research & Development | AG BioSystems Private Limited- Hyderabad | Telangana. Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh has completed his doctorate entitled “Isolation and characterization of secondary metabolites of some selected fungi as herbicide of M. P.” from Mycological ResearchLaboratory, Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur. Presently, he is working as Principal Scientist & Head R&D at A.G. BioSystems Private Limited. He is an agricultural scientist and microbiologist with particular expertise in biopesticide (plant diseases, insect and weed) & biofertilizer development. Since his Ph.D., he has been involved in eco-friendly solutions to weed problems. Then he began investigations into the potential use of indigenous or naturally occurring fungal pathogens and their metabolites for weed control. His research led to the novel invention of patent, and he has innovator of 24 patents (21 International and 3 national) based on the development of novel mycoherbicide for noxious weed management. He is also focused on the effective formulation of bioherbicides and other biopesticides. He has a proven track record of innovative research through awards/achievements, various publications and/or patents, and an understanding of commercialization processes from lab scale to pilot scale (scale-up). He has deep industry research and development experience with fermentation, culture development, a formulation including implementation into industrial processes. He has strong organizational and analytical skills, including data management and analysis. Officially Incredible!!!

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