Dr. Ramachandran Guruprasad

Award for Outstanding Achievement | Incredible Scientist of India | Dr. Ramachandran Guruprasad | Principal Technical Officer | Aerospace Information Management | Roddam Narasimha Civil Aircraft Centre- Karnataka. Dr. Ramachandran Guruprasad is a highly accomplished Aerospace Information Scientist at CSIR-NAL. He was groomed and mentored by Prof. Roddam Narasimha, FRS, Padma Vibhushan and Dr T S Prahlad, Padma Shri, both former Directors of CSIR-NAL, Bangalore. During his tenure at the Director’s Office he brought about a most significant change in the way the office operated, by initiating modern filing and other management techniques with the usage of computers. He did an outstanding job and transformed the office where apart from fax and other services, electronic mail and filing have become routine. He has also produced a variety of documents, both scientific and managerial, to very high standards of elegance and accuracy. His most significant scientific contribution to NAL was his deep involvement in the civil aviation programs at NAL. He was very closely associated with NAL’s Civil Aircraft Project SARAS. He documented the evolution of SARAS through its various stages of design, manufacture, ground testing, prototype roll out, various reviews and ultimately all aspects of flight testing. During his recent years, the major interest of Dr Guruprasad, has been the digital archiving and database creation of NAL’s and other aerospace activities and technologies. As a core member of the NAL Systems Engineering Division, he has spearheaded in building the first in-house ‘full-text open access’ digital repository of aerospace content embracing the broad domain of aerospace engineering. Preserving the scientific heritage of an aerospace R & D laboratories has been his passion very close to his heart. Officially Incredible!!!

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