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Incredible Scientist of India | Dr. D. Sreedhar | Scientist (Horticulture) | Horticultural Research Station | Dr. YSR Horticultural University- Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh. Dr. D. Sreedhar is working as Scientist (Horticulture) at Horticultural Research station, Anantharajupet. He did his B.Sc (Agri) from S.V Agricultural College ,Tirupati and M.Sc Horticulture from College of Horticulture, Pune, Ph.D from Dr. Y. S. R. Horticultural University, College of Horticulture, Venkatramannagudem. He joined as Scientist (Hort) on 22-9-2007 and completed 13 years of experience. He worked in 4 Research Stations as Scientist (Hort) and worked as Asst.Professor (horticulture) at Horticulture polytechnic, Kalikiri. He is having 15 research articles in various journals like current horticulture, Journal of Applied Horticulture. advances in bioresearch etc. He attended different national and international symposiums i.e Indian Horticulture Summit-2020 , Global Conference on Innovative Approaches for Enhancing Water Productivity in Agriculture including Horticulture. He worked in Vegetables, flowers and fruits. Vegetables like watermelon, Onion, Tomato and Brinjal, Flower crops i.e Crossandra, Jasmine and Gladiolus., Fruit crops i.e Mango, Banana and Papaya. Now working mainly on Papaya, Guava and Mango. Officially Incredible!!!

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