Dr. Arjun Karuppaiah | Young Researcher

Incredible Young Researcher of India | Dr. Arjun Karuppaiah | Assistant Professor & Senior Research Fellow | Department of Pharmaceutics | PSG College of Pharmacy- Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Arjun Karuppaiah is a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) cum Assistant Professor in PSG College of Pharmacy. He has designed and synthesized various nanoformulations like polymeric, metallic (like silver and gold) and lipid nanoparticles. He has been awarded a Junior Research Fellowship (DST Nanomission, Government of India, 2014-2017), PSG Sons & Charity Fellowship (2017-2020) for his doctoral studies and Young Researcher Award by InSc-2020. Additionally, he has written a few successful grants to attract some funds. He has presented many research papers and awarded 3 Best Poster Awards.Over the period of his graduate studies. He has secured College 1st Rank in 4th year B. Pharmacy (2012) and College 3rd Rank consequently for three years (1st - 3rd year) of B. Pharmacy (2009-2011). Officially Incredible!!!

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