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Incredible Scientist of India | Dr. Tapas Kumar Sur | Scientist C | Multidisciplinary Research Unit (ICMR-DHR) | R.G. Kar Medical College & Hospital- West Bengal. Dr. Tapas Kumar Sur, Senior Scientist (ICMR) of R. G. Kar Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata has completed his Ph.D on Psychopharmacology in I.P.G.M.E & R (formerly known as University College of Medicine), Kolkata and spent most of his research career at that institute. In his career he completed 35 research projects on basic & applied, analytical, preclinical & clinical trials on new drug developments, environmental contaminants, carcinogenic compounds, HPV vaccines, biomarkers funded by national, international research agencies and pharmaceutical companies. He supervised more than 25 students in the course of MD, M. Pharm., M. Tech and Ph. D. He achieved 17 prestigious awards for his excellence in research including Innovative Research Award for Best Researcher (2020), Research Ratna (2019) for Excellent Research in Pharmacology, PC Dandya Award (2009), BR Sengupta Award (2004) etc. He published 98 research articles and 5 book chapters. He is a member of different regulatory bodies and organizations including Human and Animal Ethics Committees. Officially Incredible!!!

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