Cinema & Performing Arts
Make Your Art Shine On The Stage Of World

Your amazing skills and artistry have the potential of setting a world record and Record Owner will help you reach that milestone.

Great cinema constitutes of multiple aspects working together. Direction, acting, screenwriting, editing, cinematography, background score and many more fields come together to bring us the movies we enjoy. If you possess extraordinary talents in any of such fields, whether it’s conducting the longest shoot, a movie with maximum dialogues, most actors on screen at once, maximum jump cuts under a minute or something extreme like these, let Record Owner help you by giving your work the world record status.

An artist can be as vague as a term could get to describe an individual. The numerous forms of art consist of performers who provide justice to it by their unique talents and skills. Give your extreme skills a shot at being a world record in the fields like dancing singing, magic, quick painting etc. and bring your art form and yourself multiple laurels by submitting a video to our platform.